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PCOS-PCOD Treatment in Ayurveda

PCOS – Poly means multiple, Cyst means containing a liquid secretion or sac.

Every month the follicles grow in the ovary. Eggs develop within the follicle, one of them will reach maturity and released to fallopian tube. It’s called as ovulation. In PCOS there are bunch of the undeveloped ovum like grapes.


  • Menstrual disturbance - Irregular Menses or Delayed Menstruation.
  • Infertility – This is results of anovulation.
  • Hormone imbalance – Over production of the oestrogen and androgen produced acne
        Hirsutism(Male pattern hair growth, excessive body hair).
  • Metabolic Syndrome - Weight gain, constipation, Muscle cramps, Hair fall, insulin resistance.

PCOS-PCOD Treatment in Ayurveda

Panchkarma (Detoxification)Panchkarma gives perfect answer to increasing question of PCOS. Panchkarma therapy removes the toxins and gives the strength to reproductive system like uterus, ovary, and fallopian tube, vagina in females and testes in male. It also regulates the hormonal imbalance.


Enema of the decoction or medicated oil is given through rectum.There are various types of the oil, ghrit and decoction is used for basti treatment. It gives miracle results if administered in proper way.

Benefits of basti:

  • Female Infertility – PCOS, Dysmenorrhoea, Menstrual disturbance, endometriosis.
  • Male Infertility - Oligospermia, pus in sperm, erectile dysfunction.

Uttar Basti:

It is most effective treatment in gynaecological diseases. Various medicated oil is given through vagina, urethra is called as uttar basti. It purifies the Aartav vaha strotas and promotes the fertility.

Benefits of basti:

  • Tubal Block.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Anovulation.

Benefits of the Panchkarma in PCOS-PCOD:

  • Reduce the body weight.
  • Regulate the metabolism and hormonal imbalance.
  • Promotes the fertility.
  • Improves the ovum quality.